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Hands-On Projects for Groups of 15–40 Students

Tinc Road School Mural

G is for Garden State
Each year I return to Tinc Road School in Flanders, NJ to create paper murals with the 4th graders for New Jersey Day.  The children work with their art teacher before my visit to draw the elements they will cut out and paste to the mural.  During my visit I give a short presentation about my work and process, and a demonstration of a simple way to draw the figure. During the mural-making the students draw and color the figures that will be added to the scene.

Port Colden Mural

Little House
This paper mural project for younger grades begins with a reading of A Little House Birthday or Sugar Snow, while I draw Laura, her dog Jack, and the Little House in the Big Woods.  The children draw, color, and cut out their contributions.  When the pasting is done, the students color directly on the mural.