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Program Description

Young children are fearless artists. But many eventually become self-conscious about their drawings.  What appears on the page is not what they picture in their minds. 

My presentation shows children that being a creative adult is something to which they can aspire. Writers and artists were also elementary school students at one time.  I show students how my skills progressed as I studied and practiced: from first grade to my studio today where I continue to learn and practice. 

I explain how the pictures in children’s books are created, from research and tiny sketches, through revisions and final drawings, to the step-by-step application of color. I discuss the materials I use and show pictures of my models in costume. 

For older children I discuss the illustrator’s relationship with the author, editor, art director, and agent; and how the role of the illustrator is not only to reinforce the writer’s text, but to create a story-within-the-story with pictures.

Expressing emotion is a big component of visual story telling.  Like an actor I need to empathize with the character and understand how my face and body would express that feeling. 

The drawing demonstration is everyone’s favorite part of the visit.  Children participate with their suggestions, resulting in some very fanciful characters.  I encourage children to think of their drawings as their world.  Within the four edges of their paper anything is possible.

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