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How do you pronounce your name?
ETT – linn – jer

What children’s books have you illustrated?
Use this link to see my Book page.

Is your presentation appropriate for all grades?
I can tailor my presentation to any age group.  For Pre-K and K I read one of my books and draw a picture with input from the children.  I explain to 2nd through 5th graders how I illustrate a book, and show them a simple way to draw a figure.  For grades 6 through high school, I talk about the components of a good picture, how I became an illustrator, and art as a career.  I also address groups of adults.

It’s May already!  Is it too late to invite you to our school this year?
As a freelance illustrator my schedule is difficult to predict.  It doesn’t hurt to ask.  I may be available in spite of the short notice.

Have you written a children’s book? 
I have written stories but they are not published. Yet.  That’s one of my goals for the future. 

Do you give autographs?
I am happy to sign my books. It’s very flattering to be asked for an autograph. Children often ask me as their class is leaving and another class is coming in.  Please explain to your students that although I can’t give autographs, they will each receive a bookmark to remember my visit.

What is the best way to reach you?

Do you do Skype visits?
Not yet.  This is another project I am working on.