Morris and Buddy:
The Story of the First Seeing Eye Dog

Written by Becky Hall
Illustrated by Doris Ettlinger
Albert Whitman & Co. 2007
Ages 7-10, Grades 2-5

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"In this true story, a young blind man travels from New York to Switzerland in search of independence. Sightless since a boxing accident four years earlier in 1924, 20-year-old Morris Frank embarks on a transatlantic voyage to meet a dog trainer who teaches him to get around with a carefully trained German shepherd. The clearly written story details the difficulties and satisfactions Frank encounters as he learns to work with his dog, Buddy, and to trust him with his life. After completion of the training, Frank returns home with plans to start a guide dog program in the U.S. From full-page illustrations to small vignettes, nicely delineated drawings warmed with color washes give this slim volume an inviting look. An afterword, illustrated with captioned photos, tells what happened to Frank and Buddy after they returned to the U.S., including Frank’s founding of the Seeing Eye School. Books and Internet sites are appended. A fresh and engaging nonfiction choice." - Booklist